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We produce for those who are extremely careful to the food they consume

Natura Maestra was born from our cooking experience. It is not simply a products’ line got from our raw materials along the short supply chain. Natura Maestra is basically a vision, an ideal, a lifestyle. It is the world we aspire to: ethical, sustainable, organic, good, healthy, energetic, ecological. It is also our commitment to bring Nature back to its central role and to make everybody able to listen to it and recognize its role as Master. In 2018, Natura Maestra became a trademark registered to EUIPO in order to be able to launch our gaze towards a future that is still ancient, wise and sensitive. Natura Maestra assures our healthy food supply chain that takes care of us every day simply while eating. Our raw materials come from historical and local varieties of seeds, with no genetic manipulation. The intelligence of each seed evolved over centuries though the simple recipes from the tradition of grandma without additives, chemical yeasts or refined white sugars!

Natura Maestra is a lifestyle, as well: how to look at, to observe and to listen to the ecosystem in order to learn the most sustainable ways to grow.