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We believe in the importance of safeguarding land, traditions and seeds.

The seed, the earth and the guardian farmer together have made up the foundations of the healthiest evolutionary alliance which we are strongly committed to take care to.


Everything begins from the seed. We believe in the importance of its research, rediscovery and selection. The instinctive intelligence of the seed allows it to be able to grow and to adapt to climate change, as well as to offer amazing crops without chemical treatments. The intelligence of the seeds, their full flavor and the ease to digestion due to the low gluten are the 3 cornerstones of our productions.

Soft grains, durum grains, spelled, red chickpeas, after each sowing, belong to varieties of 1900s and others much older. We are extremely careful to choose the variety, the farming approaches and the selection and transformation processes, from the harvest to the product. We take care of our seeds. Our internal policies provides with best agricultural practices, total exclusion of chemicals products and pesticides, and the choice of the best miller, the best pasta maker and the best baker in the neighborhoods.


“The land is not something inherited from our Fathers, but a loan to be repaid to our children”.

This ancient saying is our exact perception of the agriculture and its work. The land receives the seed, and its role is to feed and nurture it. The land is the Mother from which a new harvest and our well-being and can be born. That is why our holy respect and care for Her. Our agricultural practices take care of a healthy and ecological agriculture in order to assure health for human beings and the planet, the foundations of agroecology, that means organic approach, self-production of biofertilizers , and total exclusion of chemicals and pesticides.

Guardian Farmers

They are able to choose the seed, to link it to the land at the right time and to give life to a virtuous circle that has been repeating for centuries. The farmer becomes the guardian of practices, knowledge, traditions, selections and practices which we have inherited and are implementing. We feed our knowledge thanks to ancient books. We are giving life to ancient equipment of the first half of the 1900s. Our big effort is the selection of the first quality large-bodied and highly germinating seed able to offer a new, strong and healthy crop. From these seeds our whole germ flour comes to life, with its energetic and nutritional force, and extremely useful for natural leavening with sourdough. There were always guardian farmers. However, they are increasingly becoming rare and isolated. We at Agricoltori Custodi are taking their witness and their tradition.

Natura Maestra was born from our long experience and tradition in the fields and in the kitchen. It represents more than a simple products line. From our raw materials and though a short supply chain, Natura Maestra is a vision, an ideal, a practice, a culture, a whole world. It is the world we aspire to: ethical, sustainable, organic, good, healthy, nutritious, energetic, and ecological. It is a brand of quality and a commitment to bring the central role of Nature, to learn how to listen to it and how recognize its role as Master. In 2018 Natura Maestra became a registered trademark at EUIPO in order to define that vision and to lead our gaze towards an ancient and wise future. Natura Maestra represents our healthy food chain aimed at taking care of our health while eating. Our raw materials come from historical, autochthonous, ancient and botanically pure seed varieties, with no genetic manipulation. The intelligence of the seeds evolved through centuries together with the simple recipes of our grandma, without additives, chemical yeasts or refined white sugars.

Natura Maestra is the ambassador of our original exciting vision aimed at building an ethical, sustainable, organic, good, healthy, energetic, resilient, and ecological future able to combine the knowledge from biological, biodynamic, organic, regenerative and agroecology.

Natura Maestra is the result of an idea, a promise to make the benefits from a healthy and energetic diet accessible to anyone. With the highest respect for the land and the Mother Nature.

Il Team

Graduated in Biology at ALMA MATER in Bologna with an experimental thesis at the Physio-pathological Department of Human and General Physiology, Elena has been committing to bacteriological analysis and research on microbiota, lipidomic, food intolerances, gluten sensitivity and clinical biochemistry for over 15 years. At the same time she has developed studies on the link between the physical body and the spiritual body, between health and vital force, science and consciousness. She was born in the countryside near Suzzara (MN) and she is the third generation of a farmers family, too. Since 2018 she has been cooperating at “Natura Maestra” product line project and launch . Together with Andrea Libero Gherpelli in 2020 she founded Agricoltori Custodi. She is a classical and modern dancer, designer and illustrator.

He was born in the Emilian countryside, close to Correggio, and he is the fourth-generation of a farmer family always committed to take care of seeds and of the link with the land. Andrea cultivates native varieties of soft, durum, spelled, chickpeas and corn that mostly are able to adapt to local soil and climatic conditions. That makes them able to grow with an organic support, with no synthetic chemistry. He is a member of the association Agricoltori Custodi based at the Farm “Stuard” in Parma.

Graduated in Management Engineering at ALMA MATER in Bologna in 2000, his academic path allowed him to get  the short supply chain framework for Natura Maestra, the brand of the product line aimed at maximizing the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the ancient varieties .

Former speaker at Slow Food, Alma Mater University of Bologna, a true Agriculture requires kindness, determination, intuition and listening skills, openness to innovation to sometimes break the habits.

In 2019 he registered “Natura Maestra” trademark at EUIPO. The products come for, stone grinding, wholemeal flours, bronze drawing, slow drying, use sourdough, whole salt, fresh eggs, honey and no use of refined sugars.

Andrea Libero also continues his artistic commitment as an actor at theater, television and cinema. After a scholarship won in 2008 at the “Silvio d’Amico” Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome, he has participated in theatrical tours, television movies for Rai, Sky and Mediaset, and films for the cinema.