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La cultura dell’agricoltura

Sow – Collect – Learn. And eat good and healthy
We produce for those who are definitely selective in the food they consume


We believe in the importance of keeping and safeguarding land, traditions, knowledge and seeds. We take care of the seeds in order to preserve them and to keep their germination strength. From sowing to harvest, each year we make possible the conditions allowing soil to regenerate and the seeds to adapt to climate change. The high resilience of the seeds and their large root system preserve them from the continuous pedoclimatic variables. We respect the organoleptic characteristics of the possible uses of the derivatives of our varieties. For this reason, we believe in a a responsible, circular, autonomous, ecological and sustainable approach to agriculture aimed at again making Nature our Teacher, in cooperation and mutual listening. We work every day in the field to prevent the extinction of historical unique varieties and our mission is to get safe, regenerating, and good foods from our crops, able of nurturing. For example, from flours got by slow and stone grinding of selected large-bodied seeds, we produce amazing bread.

We take care of lanc, knowledge and seeds. The care of seeds is a central commitment of our path for a responsible, circular, autonomous, ecological and sustainable agriculture aimed at assuring well-being and health to human beings and nature. Our agriculture is respectful, ready, autonomous, independent, sustainable and cooperating with nature. We do not exploit seeds and resources, but we collaborate with them. We generate the best conditions for their expression in the field, while eating, in our body.

We keep agri-food biodiversity, from field to table. We combine biodynamic, organic-regenerative, agroecological approaches to agriculture. We aim at repopulating the countryside and regenerating the land. We are passionate for keeping ancient seeds, soil and human health, regenerative agriculture, agroecology, good, tasty and healthy food. We are a community according to which working the land is a responsibility and a commitment, but also a privilege which we try to deserve every day. Our agriculture is based on the pioneering foundations of the modern concept of Organic that refers to the Good Agricultural.