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At the beginnings, it was cultivated in the belt between Anatolia and the Iranian Plateau and between Egypt and Mesopotamia. It probably came to Italy from two different mainstreams: from the south, through the Mediterranean Sea, and from the North, following the Balkan route. That is why it takes different names: Saragolla (Sarga, yellow – and Golyo, seed) and literally means “yellow grain”, with varieties Saragolla turchesco, Lucano, Zingaresca, Bulgara, Saragolletta del Sannio, Perciasacchi, Strazzavisazz. With high energetic and nutritional value, its yield is about 22 quintals per hectare. Richer in proteins than normal durum wheat with low gluten content, it is suitable for both pasta and bakery products. It has a very high stem, even over 170 cm; it has a bare, vitreous and elongated kernel.

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